Original Cast Recording of the
2006 New York City Revival

What Makes Sammy Run? was presented at the West End Theater in New York City from January 19-29, 2006.  The cast was as follows:


Sammy Glick - Carl Anthony Tramon

Al Manheim - Larry Daggett

Kit Sargent - Moira Stone

Laurette Harrington - Kristin McLaughlin

Julian Blumberg - Darron Cardosa

Sidney Fineman / Ben Osborne - Jeffrey Farber

H.L. Harrington / O'Brien - Steven Patterson

Rosalie Goldbaum / Billie Rand - Jessica Luck

Lucky Hamilton / Henry / Izzy Glickstein / Reporter - Selby Brown

Sheik Orsini / Reporter - Matthew Napoli


Musical Selections

To hear brief MP3 highlights, click on the underlined titles below

Overture (Richard Danley, piano)

Two Cent Encyclopedia  (Richard Danley*, Larry Daggett, Jeffrey Farber, Jessica Luck, Selby Brown, Matthew Napoli)

A New Pair of Shoes  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Larry Daggett, Selby Brown, Matthew Napoli)

You Help Me  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Larry Daggett)

A Tender Spot  (Moira Stone)

I Can Trust Him  (Jessica Luck)

Lights! Camera! Platitude!  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Larry Daggett, Moira Stone)

My Hometown  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Jeffrey Farber)

I See Something  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Kristin McLaughlin)

Maybe Some Other Time  (Larry Daggett, Moira Stone)

You Can Trust Me / A Room Without Windows  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Moira Stone)

Kiss Me No Kisses  (Moira Stone, Carl Anthony Tramon)

Act I Finale  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Moira Stone)

Mother of All The Blues  (Larry Daggett)

Bachelor Gal  (Moira Stone)

The Friendliest Thing  (Jessica Luck)

You're No Good  (Kristin McLaughlin, Carl Anthony Tramon)

Something To Live For  (Larry Daggett)

Paint a Rainbow  (Kristin McLaughlin, Jessica Luck, Moira Stone)

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You  (Carl Anthony Tramon, Matthew Napoli, Selby Brown, Darron Cardosa)

Reprise: The Friendliest Thing  (Kristin McLaughlin, Carl Anthony Tramon)

The Wedding of The Year  (Larry Daggett, Moira Stone, Darron Cardosa, Jessica Luck)

Some Days Everything Goes Wrong  (Carl Anthony Tramon)


* Richard Danley performs the role of O'Brien,
originally played by Steven Patterson